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Mr. Arsehole! Cont.

2010-07-26 21:15:23 by brettamatowski

In relevance to my last news post. I finished the caricatures in time. The painting is posted in the portal.
"Hinunter ins Hasenloch"


Here it is. Let me know what the feck you think.

Mr. Arsehole! Cont.

Mr. Arsehole!

2010-07-24 20:30:02 by brettamatowski

This caricature I'm working on is kicking me in the nads. I think I've started over for nearly 3 weeks now. It's so hard to draw your girlfriend and her friend without insulting their appearance. I feckin' hate caricatures!

But, I think I've made an exception and went with the cartoony look. So we'll see how it ends up. I have until tonight to finish it since her friend graduated and is now moving back home. Pressure pressure!


It'll get done. Then I'll be able to focus on my own work and give the Frontpage a "Heads up!"

By the way, my bloggy thingy is this link right hur.
Brett Warden's Blogspot

Some renovationz

2010-07-09 20:29:08 by brettamatowski

Annnnnnd, action.

Anyways, I've been looking at the overall works in my gallery, and I gotta say, "Wow! I've come a long way. Look at the horrible sh!t I first posted..."

In regards to that, I'll be deleting what I see as unacceptable works in my gallery. Stuff I can't STAND to look at, or the thought that I actually spent time to paint something that horrid.

No, I'm not being modest. It's what I actually see. If it were some one else's work, I'd feel the same way. So, say bye bye to the oldies.

On another note, after a looooong arse time of trying to find a worthy candidate to scout, I've found them. Her to be exact. She has quite the potential to grow and become a "pro amongst the rest". Y'all should give porcelainskin's stuff a look. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

That's all for now.

*Blarp!* Ok, bye!

Commissions and Such

2010-06-18 18:00:43 by brettamatowski

I figured I'd give a little update on what I'm doing lately.

What I plan for is to paint my little bunz off everyday, and in the meantime, I also am welcoming commissions*. That means I'll paint you a little ditty for a fair price. I don't plan on ripping anybody off. Let's say 90 USD for a 5x7? Chyeah right! I'm not a dick. I'll post my rates below.

I'll be charging $2.33 per square inch. Reasonable?

5"x7" = $15.00 (USD) Standard Art Card
8"x10" = $30.00 (USD) Standard Paper Size, given border.
11"x12" or "Custom Large" = $60.00 (USD)

*commissions will consist of character illustrations with lineart and digital coloring/shading. If you'd like anything different, we can discuss it over email.

Once I set up a Paypal account, that's how I'll accept payments. Or, if you know me personally, payment in person will also work.

Once I finish up some requests that I've taken recently for free, I'll open the commission status. I just don't have time to work on free stuff anymore now that I'm coming up on my last undergraduate year and will soon have to apply for jobs and such.

Thanks for tuning in, everyone.


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Serverus Blog

2010-03-13 00:40:23 by brettamatowski

Keep up with Serverus at our new blog!

Serverus Games

Here's Serverus' second flash game, and better yet, during the Flixel February competition. Have a go at it and be sure to tell us what you think. You can choose to play as 3 different monsters to destroy asteroids and save cities to be terrorized another day!



Serverus Needs Another Member [Audio]

2009-09-11 22:13:03 by brettamatowski

Since the new company is Serverus, so far including Supermoose and I, we need a third head to Serverus.

Supermoose (Brackenwood Forum): Programming
Brettamatowski: Art and Animation
? ? ?: Audio/Music

Just wanted to throw it out there that we would like to add a member to our team so that things fly quicker. Three heads are better than two.

If anyone is interested, either post here or PM me. I know some of you have talents in audio, I just didn't want to hog some of the production of this company by taking on both Art and Audio. Also, if you think you are eligible for the position, take the minigame for example and create a theme song to go with it. You can find the minigame beta here:

Lumberjack Attack Thread [Including Minigame Beta]

Thanks er'one!

EDIT: Just so everyone knows... WE CREATE FLASH GAMES

Geetbox Time

2009-08-09 19:05:34 by brettamatowski

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Some covers of Killswitch Engage songs I did. All by ear, so if you see mistakes, I don't give a fuck. You know what works? Not giving a fuck.

There has to be...

2009-08-08 19:14:02 by brettamatowski

some potential in the unscouted submissions in the Art Portal, but I can honestly say I can't find any artists to scout. I shouldn't be picky but if I scout someone and they get unscouted, that leaves me vulnerable. So, I guess I'll just wait until something decent pops up in the Art Portal because now, IMO, all of the unscouted submissions lack in so many areas. I don't want to see Anime Fanart, nor do I want to see sketches or Flash art. I'd rather see rendered art preferably created in Photoshop or Painter, or some actual medium such as oil paints, or watercolor.

Oh well, no scouts from me until you people can man up and produce better shit.