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Seven Seven

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This is so well executed. The concept behind this is so deep. Your use of hand is wonderful. The rendering is sooo delicious for my eyes. Also, the color scheme you used goes well together. I've always been a fan of muted colors. I love working within mutes. Great contrast all around.

Keep it up, bud.

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I-Bot I-Bot

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I'm nervous...

that you're improving quite a bit, MindChamber. I like how you're starting to play around with color. As always, your robots are pretty convincing. As for this one, I think it needs just a bit more contrast to make the metal pop on I-bot. Other than that, possibly more in the rights side of the composition, something that will lead you faster to I-bot rather than empty space.

Great work, bud! See ya around.

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MindChamber responds:

thanks for the crits man, i agree on all accounts. Ill keep at it

WDA - Brackenwood band WDA - Brackenwood band

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What did I tell ya?


I had a feeling this one would make frontpage. I'm sure someone has stated it before I have but I had a stickle about the green skulls illuminating light, and how they don't cause any highlights on figures besides Lemonee. Other than that, well rendered my friend!

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Katatafisch responds:

thanks brett! :D yeah i know what u mean and i wrote an explanation below ^^
but i think youre right ;)

love ya :D


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Are you serious?

Zombie friends Zombie friends

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Actually, probably only took a few hours, if not that.

Genius idea.

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plip plip plip plip

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I love your stuff, man. Keep it up, srsly!

Combine City Guard Combine City Guard

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very nice

One thing I would change/edit is the darks. Honestly, I think the darks could be extremely darker. Very nice, nonetheless. Keep it up man.

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Tommy-Gun responds:

Thanks for the advice. "Make the darks darker" someone I knew used to say that a lot. I guess it's a common thing among to art world.

pokeball 2...... pokeball 2......

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Who the fuck

still watches Pokemon? You fucking child, grow up.

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Chat-man responds:

I don't! it was just something I wanted o draw you mother fucker!

1st submission 1st submission

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I see

a different perspective of two dicks attacking a bird that is flying over a city.

Random Random

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I see

two dicks attacking a bird that is flying over a city.